Lodge Chief-                               Jacob VanCoevering

Vice Chief of Administration-        Francis Gauthier

Vice Chief of Program-                 Tanek Mouser

Secretary-                                  Peter Ford

Treasurer-                                  Jack Blair

Choctaw Chapter Chief-               Tristan Ervin

Ouxouiga Chapter Chief-              Luke Fallis



Lodge Chief-                                 Josh Sparks

Vice Chief of Administration-        Cameron Wilcox

Vice Chief of Program-                 Jacob VanCoevering

Secretary-                                     Jacob Thompson

Treasurer-                                     Connor Hollis

Choctaw Chapter Chief-               Peter Ford

Ouxouiga Chapter Chief-              Tanek Mouser


Lodge Staff Advisor-                      Greg Covington

Lodge Advisor-                              Vinson Mouser

Associate Lodge Advisor-              Bobby Woods

Choctaw Chapter Advisor-             Chuck Ervin

Ouxouiga Chapter Advisor-            Bruce Ferguson



To contact the lodge, call the scout service center at (318)325-4634

Or by emailing Greg.Covington@scouting.org

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion please email Jacob VanCoevering